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WARC is the most comprehensive marketing information service in the world. It gives you access to:

  • Thousands of award winning case studies – from the IPA, Effie Worldwide and many more that reveal the campaign strategy of the world's leading brands.
  • Articles and Best Practice guides that explain the 'how' and 'why' of marketing challenges – each guide offering an introduction and overview of an issue plus a list of recommended further reading.
  • Market intelligence, including trend reports, ad forecasts, brand profiles, conference reports and more
  • Industry news and email alerts including daily news analysis

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WARC Data is an online service providing detailed coverage of the world's key advertising and media markets.

A subscription will provide you with the latest advertising expenditure data from 80 global markets, authoritative adspend forecasts for 12 key countries, a comparison of global media costs and forecasts of media inflation. You will also have access to a range of media usage statistics and useful benchmarking tools.

Why subscribe?

  • Identify and anticipate global advertising and media trends
  • Produce budgets and business plans based on authoritative forecasts
  • Benchmark media costs by market, medium and target audience
  • Make better decisions based on reliable data

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WARC Rankings

WARC Rankings is the global index of excellence in advertising.

Driven by the industry’s views on the most prestigious creativity, effectiveness and media excellence Awards, the Rankings reveal the serial winners of the world’s most respected Awards. The Rankings are the successor to the industry-renowned Gunn Report.

Why subscribe?

WARC Rankings is the central home for agencies, brands and media owners to find the best ideas in creativity, effectiveness and media excellence from around the world. Use WARC Rankings to:

  • Benchmark your work
  • Learn from the best and be inspired
  • Let the world know where you rank

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AA/WARC Expenditure Report

Detailed quarterly advertising expenditure data and forecasts for all major media in the UK.

Produced by WARC in partnership with the Advertising Association, the Expenditure Report provides detailed and authoritative advertising expenditure data for all major media.

Every quarter, the UK media are surveyed to produce the UK's most reliable adspend figures. In addition to providing these, the Report includes comprehensive advertising forecasts for the next two years, helping agencies, analysts, media owners and advertisers with budgeting, forecasting and risk analysis.

The Report is available exclusively online, meaning that you have access to this vital data as soon as it becomes available. Data can be downloaded in Excel format, making it easy to work with.

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Journal of Advertising Research

Journal of Advertising Research

The respected quarterly journal for advertising research, published with the Advertising Research Foundation.

The Journal of Advertising Research is a research and development publication for professionals in all areas of marketing, including media, advertising and communications.

It is published quarterly for The Advertising Research Foundation and promotes effective practice by combining business-orientated academic research with expert learning from leading marketers. The Journal of Advertising Research combines commercial practicalities with scholarly rigour.

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