Partner Awards

AME Awards

Honouring work that demonstrates ground-breaking solutions

ANA International ECHO Awards

Honoring the world’s best response marketing campaigns

APG Australia Creative Strategy Awards

Rewarding influential thinking that demonstrates the value of strategy

APG Creative Strategy Awards

Celebrating case studies that demonstrate great planning and strategy

ARF David Ogilvy Awards

Celebrating the critical role of insights that inspire great advertising

Australian Effie Awards

Celebrating the great ideas and strategy that achieve real results

Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions

Celebrating the measurable impact of creativity in advertising

Cannes Creative Strategy Lions

Celebrating the idea behind the idea and excellence in strategic planning


Celebrating the effect advertising has on driving advertisers' business

DBA Design Effectiveness Awards

Recognising design that has a measurable impact upon business success

DMA Awards

Celebrating the best thinking, innovation and results in direct marketing

Dragons of Asia

Recognising the very best in results-driven marketing communications

EACA Euro Effie Awards

Rewarding advertising that builds brands across borders


Celebrating excellence in the field of market research

IAB Europe Research Awards

Celebrating research in the development of the digital advertising


Honouring the most effective advertising campaigns in the Irish market

IMC European Awards

Rewarding the best integrated marketing communications campaigns

IPA Effectiveness Awards

Rewarding campaigns that demonstrate payback on marketing spend

Jay Chiat Awards

Celebrating the contribution of strategy and planning to great ideas

MAA Worldwide GLOBES

Rewarding the best marketing communications campaigns in the world

Marketing Society Awards

Honouring and highlighting the great work of agencies and brands

MIXX Awards Europe

Honouring the best digital advertising campaigns in Europe

MMA Smarties Awards

Honoring innovation, creativity and success in mobile marketing

MRS Awards

Celebrating research's ability to drive innovation and deliver results

SABRE Awards

Benchmarking the best PR work from across the globe


Representing the Shanghai metropolis' own international advertising festival


Celebrating excellence in outstanding marketing campaign strategies

WPP Atticus Awards

Honouring original communications thinking in WPP companies

World Retail Awards

Recognising the very best retailers and retail initiatives

YouTube Works Awards

Celebrating the most innovative and effective campaigns on YouTube