Welcome to our masterclass in creative effectiveness: a weekly series that will guide you through The Creative Effectiveness Ladder.

Over the next few weeks, this series will enable you to:

  • Uncover the common ‘winning behaviours’ at each level
  • Learn what media and creative strategy choices are most effective to drive specific marketing outcomes
  • Understand key metrics and case studies that show us best practice, and learn how and why they’ve worked
  • Discover an actionable way for marketers and agencies to work together to turn the tide

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Video series

James Hurman Answers FAQs about the Creative Effectiveness Ladder

In this follow-up video to the launch of the Creative Effectiveness Ladder, James Hurman answers some of the most commonly asked questions on how it works. Watch this video to find out further insights about how the ladder can help you apply effective creativity in business today.

Level 1 of the Creative Effectiveness Ladder

Learn how 'Influential Ideas' use creativity to maximise engagement and sharing, and over-achieve on campaign metrics and media efficiency.

Level 2 of the Creative Effectiveness Ladder

Getting consumers to behave the right way is a crucial precursor to driving sales up, and there’s a relatively reliable step-by-step process that marketers and agencies can use to set themselves up for behaviour change success. Watch the latest instalment to find out how…

Level 3 of the Creative Effectiveness Ladder

Across the last decade, we’ve seen substantial growth in campaigns seeking to achieve short-term and temporary sales effects. So, how can we use creativity to deliver promotions that engage consumers and deliver sustainable results? Watch the latest instalment to find out how…

Level 4 of the Creative Effectiveness Ladder

Brand Builder campaigns use creativity to improve the fundamental measures of brand health. In this episode with marketing expert James Hurman we hear how, if you want to build a brand, you should consider... not talking about the brand.

Level 5 of the Creative Effectiveness Ladder

Marketing trends come and go – but the power of storytelling doesn’t. In this episode, James explains the creative strategies and winning behaviours behind ‘Commercial Triumph’ campaigns, and what just might be creative effectiveness’ best kept secret…

Level 6 of the Creative Effectiveness Ladder

In this episode, James gives his insight on how to create work that becomes defining, not only for its brand, but for marketing itself.

The Creative Effectiveness Ladder continued

It's a Tide Ad by Saatchi & Saatchi

See how Saatchi & Saatchi made Tide the most loved brand of the 2018 Super Bowl (Influential Idea) and extended the campaign's effectiveness by letting consumers take part in the story (Commercial Triumph).

Find out how an Influential Idea repositioned Gillette

Gillette’s We Believe campaign earned its place on the first level of the Creative Effectiveness Ladder where Influential Ideas attract attention and controversy. Read more.

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