Meet the Experts

These are just some of the people Making it WARC every single day.

We are spread across 4 offices but come together with the same mission: to help make your jobs easier and your marketing more effective.

Paul Coxhill

Managing Director
Paul has led the WARC business since 2018 when we joined Ascential. Prior to that, he worked in Marketing leadership roles for over 20 years and it’s now his mission to help all marketers to improve their effectiveness and to Make It WARC.

Headshot of Paul Coxhill

Nicola Tillin

VP, Commercial
Nicola has been at WARC since 2012. Having started her career in B2B marketing, she now leads our commercial team in solving our clients’ biggest marketing challenges.

Headshot of Nicola Tillin

Mawa Rodriguez

Global Marketing Director
As WARC’s Global Marketing Director, Mawa ensures the overarching evidence-based marketing strategy is delivered across core geographies. Mawa joined WARC in 2020, bringing a wealth of expertise from her previous role as Global Head of Marketing at Guinness World Records.

Headshot of Mawa Rodriguez

David Tiltman

VP, Content
David leads global content operations, overseeing all the content here at WARC. He joined us in 2010 but has been writing about media and marketing for two decades.

Headshot of David Tiltman

Francis Wong (黃伟伦)

Chief Experience Officer
Francis employs design thinking and international strategy in all aspects of the business across product, content and marketing to deliver a world-class experience to customers, partners, contributors and the wider community across all points of interaction.

Headshot of Francis Wong

Ed Pank

Managing Director, APAC
Ed opened our Asia Pacific HQ in 2011, which has seen rapid growth ever since. You can usually find him on large stages showing the world how to make marketing more effective.

Headshot of Ed Pank

Cathy Taylor

U.S. Commissioning Editor
Cathy commissions our best practice and emerging trends content across the Americas. She was one of the first marketing reporters to cover digital media during her time at AdWeek.

Headshot of Cathy Taylor

Jenny Chan

China Editor
Jenny has more than a decade of business journalism experience spanning Campaign Asia, CNBC Asia and Network Ten plus 3 years of marketing front line experience.

Headshot of Jenny Chan

Gabey Goh

Asia Editor
Gabey has reported on the marketing and technology sectors for over ten years, with experience in online media, magazines, newspapers and radio. Outside of journalism, she has served as a marketer in the ad-tech industry and led content and education initiatives at a leading trade body.

Headshot of Gabey Goh

Lena Roland

Managing Editor,
Lena oversees knowledge content, including the WARC Guide. Her team commission content related to channel and category effectiveness, CMO interviews, emerging trends and new research in EMEA and the Americas.

Headshot of Lena Roland

Stephen Whiteside

Managing Editor, Reporting
Stephen has written about marketing for more than a decade, with postings in London and New York. His team reports on the latest marketing news and covers the industry’s biggest conferences around the world.

Headshot of Stephen Whiteside

Katie Sterling

Head of WARC Advisory
Katie spent 5 years based in Singapore managing WARC’s clients before she launched WARC Advisory in 2019.

She has worked with clients across markets to build out strategic objectives and approaches problem solving with energy and flair.

Headshot of Katie Sterling

Imaad Ahmed

Head of WARC Advisory, EMEA
Imaad has over 15 years of marketing experience in the retail, defence and media sectors. He’s presented at big industry events like the Festival of Marketing, Brand Week Istanbul and DMX Dublin on all sorts of effectiveness topics.

Headshot of Imaad Ahmed

Ashik Ashokan

Head of WARC Advisory, APAC
With extensive experience formulating omnichannel solutions for global and regional brands, our clients often find Ashik burying himself in their marketing problems, emerging only when there is an insightful strategy.

Headshot of Ashik Ashokan

James McDonald

Head of Data Content
James relocated from California in 2013 to lead WARC’s Data team from London. He oversees international partnerships, dynamic modelling and forecasting, and directs primary research for Global Ad Trends and the AA/WARC Expenditure Report.

Headshot of James McDonald

Amy Rodgers

Managing Editor, Research and Rankings
Amy is a marketing and advertising research expert. She coordinates research content for WARC including the WARC Rankings, the ultimate benchmark for marketing, celebrating excellence across the industry.

Headshot of Amy Rodgers