Today's Headlines, 22 Sep 2020
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What KPIs should you choose?
The right key performance indicators (KPIs) can give an early warning on performance and can help cut through the complex world of marketing, say Paul Dyson and Katherine Munford. More…
The great cookie con
Far from harming the business outcomes of advertisers’ digital marketing, the end of third-party cookies and current audience targeting practices may actually make things better, according to Dr Augustine Fou. More…
Smart speakers moving beyond the living room and basic tasks
Opinion Babac Vafaey
The ad refresh conversation completely misses the point
With no minimum standards, ad refresh is a Wild West; it’s time, says Babac Vafaey, to agree on best practice and to focus on engagement. More…
Could Amazon become a mall anchor?
Reports that Amazon is bidding for mall space to use for fulfilment centers hints at one likely evolution of the brick-and-mortar store in the modern shopping journey, from a place to browse to a place for pickup. More…
locked What's working in influencer
New DTC brands focus on profitability rather than reach
Much attention has been paid to direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, their disruptive impact on established brands and their seemingly unstoppable growth model. However, there are now signs that several new DTC brands are going back to basics. More…
locked How mobile gaming is changing brand loyalty strategies
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