WARC Talks: 'The double bottom line' – valuing profit and the planet

In this episode of the WARC Podcast WARC Talks the Marketer's Toolkit 2022, covering the key themes identified in the report and focusing on valuing profit and the planet.

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00:55 – How is HSBC tackling the increasingly pressing concern of sustainability? 04:02 – How did Purpose Disruptors start? 06:48 – What are “advertised emissions” and what are the implications for marketers? 08:55 – What was the methodology behind the Magic Numbers/Purpose Disruptors study? 12:07 – What are the takeaways from the study? 14:50 – HSBC and measuring its sustainability performance. 19:26 – What should marketers be doing? 22:03 – Discussion around the study Good Life 2030. 26:07 – Do you think the idea that profits and planet need to receive equal consideration from marketers is taking root in the industry? 30:18 – Are there any immediate steps marketers could implement today? 33:35 – What is the focus sustainability-wise for 2022?