WARC Talks: Share of search

This episode of the WARC Podcast discusses how marketers can use share of search as a metric and if this could be a new way to prove the effectiveness of advertising.

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01:00 – Definition of share of search - what is it and what isn't it? 02:17 – Why is it so interesting? 02:53 – In what ways can you use share of search data? 03:50 – When did you notice the connection between share of search and share of market? 05:25 – Why is share of search an output, not an input? 07:44 – How are you applying this research to your work? 12:22 – How does the connection between share of search and share of market vary between category, brand size etc? 16:16 – Do you see share of search as a way to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising? 18:44 – Les Binet has also written about share of search – are there any areas you agree or disagree on? 20:51 – Where do you see this research heading next? 26:52 – What is the first step for any marketer that wants to try this out for themselves?