WARC Talks: Recalibrating life – the post-lockdown consumer

Part one in a series of 5 WARC Podcasts that cover the key themes identified in the 2022 Marketer's Toolkit, starting with Recalibrating Life: The post-lockdown consumer.

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01:12 – GWI’s view on whether lockdowns changed the behaviours of consumers. 04:06 – OMD’s take on changing consumer behaviour. 08:25 – Changed customer behaviour at Kimberley-Clark. 09:47 – What do you think the impact of Omicron will be on consumers? 12:40 – GWI on the consumer mindset around cocooning versus spending time out of home? 15:48 – OMD’s take on consumer motivation to spend time in/out of home. 18:36 – How do marketer’s address this mindset, particularly across a broad set of goods and services? 20:03 – Has COVID affected consumers in the way they push for brand purpose, or becoming more socially responsible or demanding? 24:15 – How has the impact of COVID-19 affected marketing in terms of consumer engagement or relationship building? 26:58 – Are you seeing hybrid behaviours – consumers toggling between on-and-offline channels during the same journey? 33:43 – What advice do you have for marketers in 2022?