WARC Talks: Creativity and fame

In this epsiode of the WARC Podcast, WARC talks creativity and fame with Paul Feldwick, former strategist and author of Why Does The Pedlar Sing?, and Jane Wakely, lead CMO of Mars Inc.

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01:00 – You wrote a book about creativity, but didn’t use the word creativity until page 169 – why was that? 02:46 – The book’s message is about the importance of fame – why is fame important? 04:37 – The brands you work on certainly count as famous – Snickers, Mars, Pedigree. What’s your approach to keeping them famous? 08:33 – How do you balance grabbing attention with being meaningful? 10:42 – A look at memorable, long-term campaigns. 16:12 – Have we forgotten how to advertise effectively? 21:09 – Is it becoming easier to make the case for fame building campaigns? 23:41 – Does Mars use pretesting? 25:05 – How do you evolve your approach to creativity and fame in a world of platforms and short-form media? 31:34 – When do you know it’s the right time to change a campaign? 33:39 – Paul on reclaiming creativity.