WARC Talks: Creativity and attention

This episode of the WARC Podcast looks at creativity and attention with Karen Nelson-Field, CEO and founder of Amplified Intelligence, and Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer at System1 Group.

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01:57 – Orlando gives us an overview of his new book. 03:55 – What is meant by ‘broad-beam’ and ‘narrow-beam’ attention? 10:18 – How does Karen’s research compare with Orlando’s findings? 17:45 – Orlando on right-brain and left-brain creative. 20:31 – Karen on attention, creative and platforms. 22:59 – Is brand building more difficult in a digital and mobile context? 25:05 – Karen on the importance of branding in creative. 26:24 – A discussion on the use of fluent devices/distinctive assets. 31:13 – Attention in an audio context. 35:36 – What’s up next for Orlando. 36:43 – What’s up next for Karen.