WARC Talks: Conscious media investment

This episode of the WARC Podcast discusses conscious media investment with Jake Dubbins, Co-Founder & Co-Chair at Conscious Advertising Network, Belinda J Smith, CEO, Americas at m/SIX, and Clare Melford, Co-founder & Executive Director at The Global Disinformation Index.

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01:31 – What is conscious media investment, and why does it matter? 03:00 – How did we get here? Why do we need to take a conscious, responsible and deliberate approach to media investment? 07:28 – The rise of disinformation, and its impact on advertisers. 11:39 – How can a conscious approach to investment support diversity, equity and inclusion. 26:09 – The commercial imperative for conscious media investment, and the business risks and opportunities in this space 35:50 – How will conscious media investment impact measurement and what does this mean for the future of marketing effectiveness? 42:41 – Key advice for marketers who want to take a more conscious approach to media planning and buying