Marketing has focused for too long on theoretical brand models and lost some of its influence with the CEO and CFO. And while doing so, marketing lost its economic impact.

In this article we outline a different way to do marketing. Marketing that doesn’t start with the brand, but with the business strategy and the CEO’s business objectives. In order to achieve the strategy and objectives, the CEO needs to motivate people to action. So to bring these people one step closer to the company and to encourage them to behave as defined in the business strategy – that is the role of marketing. In short: we develop a model of marketing that doesn’t start in the ivory tower but on the streets.

The eternal dream of the perfect brand model

80% of CEOs think their CMO is too removed from financial objectives. And marketers themselves confirm this problem: only 36% of all CMOs are confident to calculate the ROI of their marketing activities. So it’s not surprising that CEOs visits the CMO’s office less often.