How marketers can undercut the "tech tax" on programmatic spending

This article addresses the current issues facing marketers that use programmatic advertising, based on a study spearheaded by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA).

Marketers pay a "technology tax" that results in more than 40% of their programmatic adspend being swallowed up by non-working media such as supply-chain data and transaction costs.

Resolving that problem, according to the recently-published "Programmatic: Seeing Through the Financial Fog" report, will require buy-in from multiple stakeholders: "The challenge of programmatic transparency is not just technical – thousands of sites, millions of impressions, 24/7 buying – but also a legal and procedural challenge, where clarity in roles and responsibilities of all parties at the outset is vital," it said.