Need to know

  • MESH and SAWA, the global cinema media association, asked 1,200 people to keep a weeklong “experience diary” recording all engagements with four brands.
  • Two-thirds of cinema experiences were considered to be “positive”, more than any other media channel or touchpoint.
  • Cinema can help to “pull together” media plans and amplify other channel activity, with a combination of TV and cinema twice as likely to drive long-term brand consideration.
  • The medium provides a unique opportunity to reach consumers with more complex messages, enabling a “heightened level of comprehension”.
  • Levi’s achieved the highest positivity for its cinema ad, ‘Circles’, and the strongest level of persuasiveness with consumers.

For years, the movie industry has traded on the allure of its superhero movies; indeed, Marvel’s upcoming ‘Avengers: Endgame’ picture is expected to break box office records when it opens later this month. Now, in a WARC Webinar, cinema experts have argued that the “superhero” qualities of the medium are being overlooked by media planners.