The gross rating point (GRP) of TV ads in the UK is highest on Friday and during the daytime, according to the latest data from Across the week, nearly one-fifth (18%) of GRPs occur on Friday, while over two-fifths (43%) are in the daytime. This contrasts with Wednesday and the 10pm-6am night period, which account for the lowest shares.

Monday and Sunday are the most popular days in terms of number of spots, both at 17%. However, Saturday is the day when most is spent, accounting for 17% of budgets.

Daytime TV advertising accounts for the largest share of both number of spots (47%) and overall budget (37%). This contrasts with the 6pm-8pm access period, which sees the lowest share of number of spots at 13%, and the night-time period, which accounts for 16% of total budget.

Total TV spot advertising equalled £4.4m in 2018, the third year of consecutive decline amid total market growth for nearly a decade. While advertisers have seen recent success on TV with integrated campaigns, Ebiquity suggests TV may no longer be as reliable in delivering cost effective reach in the next five years.