Amazon has grown rapidly during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and brands will need to be on the front page of search results in order to attract consumers, according to the latest data from Tinuiti.

In the United States during Q2 2020, 85% of conversions from the Amazon Sponsored Brands format comes from the first page of search results. Also, while Sponsored Brands listings on the first page attract just one-third (31%) of impressions, they attract 87% of advertiser spend.

Sponsored Brands are banner ads with a brand's logo, message and products that appear in search results.

While the first search page also accounts for a majority of sales in the Sponsored Products format (46%), there's a more even split between subsequent search pages (33%) and product pages (21%) than for Sponsored Brands.

Sponsored Products are keyword-based ads that promote a specific product and appear in search results.

While accounting for just 3% of impressions in the US, first page results on the Sponsored Products format attract two-fifths (43%) of all advertising spend.

With consumers more mindful of spending and festive shopping this year to be 'primarily online', it's vital that brands have an effective Amazon marketing strategy.

Key considerations for marketers include mixing physical and digital availability, joining together brand building and activation efforts, reconsidering the importance of packaging and determining if livestream commerce is a suitable way to engage audiences.

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Marketing insights from COVID-19 to the new normal

This article is part of a special WARC Snapshot focused on enabling brand marketers to re-strategise amid the unprecedented disruption caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak.

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