Campaign details

Brand: Babi Mild
Brand owner: Osotspa Public Company Limited
Lead agency: Ogilvy Group Thailand
Country: Thailand
Industries: Baby care
Media channels: Online video, Social media
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

Knowing that mums can be bullied for the way they raise their children, Babi Mild wanted to support them. Instead of telling them how valued or how good they are, Babi Mild disrupted the market, showing Thai mums that it understood them.

Babi Mild, the mother and baby care brand, wanted to liberate mums and encourage the public to be more open-minded. Its campaign highlighted that when mums allow their kids to play freely and be noisy, they are in fact letting their kids 'learn by doing'.

Although tackling this issue could hurt the brand, Babi Mild risked it all to stand up for mums. Eventually, the criticism towards mums regarding this method of child-rearing was toned down. The results showed that people now talked positively about mums as well as the brand.

Market background and objectives