Valio Russia: Oltermanni. SiSU in Russia

Oltermanni, a cheese brand, promoted its brand in Russia by launching four videos with celebrities who travelled to Finland, the country the cheese originates from.

Campaign details

Agency: ARK CONNECT Country: Russia

Campaign Strategy

In 2014, when the sanctions were introduced, Valio lost its Russian turnover almost overnight. Before sanctions Oltermanni was in top-3 branded cheese producers in Russia. In the two years of brand absence the competition has increased Local producers from Russian, Belorus' occupied the niche. However, in just two years Valio managed to open its own factory in Russia. Now the famous Oltermanni cheese is produced in Russia. Our major challenge was to work with the customer perception of the Russian-made Oltermanni. We had to convince people that cheese made in Russia can also be as tasty as its original Finish brother.