Scale construction: Valid measurement instrument for diabetes patient engagement

The study focuses on developing a tool to measure the engagement of diabetes patients and to explore its dimensions.

Corresponding author:

Bejoy John Thomas, Rajagiri college of Social Sciences, Rajagiri Valley, Kakkanad, Kochi 683104, Kerala, India. Email:


Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects the body's capacity skill to use the energy found in food. It is a progressive disorder characterized by hyperglycemia due to complete or partial deficiency of insulin hormone (World Health Organization [W highlighted that there are over 3.2-crore diabetic patients. This number is projected to increase to 7.94 crores by the year 2030 (Wild et al., 2004). One of the biggest challenges faced by health care providers is to continuously engage patients with diabetes (Wagner, Austin, & Von Korff, 1996).