Samsung Eletrônica da Amazônia. Brazil: Silent Booth Theater for All Ears 2018

Samsung, a technology company, created an experiential cabin in a shopping centre in Brazil that showed the benefits of its VR subtitling innovation for the deaf.

Campaign details

Agency: Creata Brasil Serviços de Marketing Country: Brazil

In 2017, Samsung introduced to the world the Theater for all ears, a brand initiative that uses technology to promote accessibility to art.

With the use of technology, the deaf could have a theater experience. Through Samsung Gear VR the actors' speeches were turned into captions so the deaf could understand all scenes in real time without the need of a sign language interpreter.

Upon entering the cabin, the participants received instructions totally in Libras (Brazilian sign language). After receiving the instructions in Libras and putting on sound-proof headphones, The participants could feel the deprivation of sense and difficulty of communication that deaf people face. Then, also through the use of Libras, participants were instructed to wear the Samsung Gear VR. And then, a video was shown, approaching the question of the accessibility of deaf audiences to the theater and presenting the project. At the end of the action, two actors played a scene that was captioned in real time by Gear VR. With this, the participants could experience exactly the inclusion that the project provided to deaf audiences.