The Government of Bermuda: Paradise Contained

The Government of Bermuda launched a campaign to improve its public perception in the UK.

Campaign details

Brand: The Government of Bermuda Agency: Cubitt Consulting


  • In October 2017, Appleby Law firm suffered a significant data security incident, whereby its systems were hacked, and countless documents were stolen. Cubitt Consulting's client, the Government of Bermuda, was found at the centre of the media storm a
To counter the crisis, Cubitt launched a campaign that involved direct targeting of those journalists who had published untrue statements to do with Bermuda and the Appleby hack; we understood that to positively realign Bermuda's online media footprint meant permanent eradication of the word 'Bermuda' in those articles. For this, Cubitt used its unparalleled media connections to confront the Tier one and trade publications in question. Cubitt drafted, and sent, a letter of response to Jeremy Corbyn, to shift international focus away from Bermuda as the centre of the crisis. Cubitt organised for the Premier to appear on leading radio and broadcast shows, including on BBC Radio 4, BBC Worldwide News, Channel 4 news and ITV News, to publicly explain Bermuda's position on tax. Cubitt played an integral role in preparing the Premier personally for the media roadshow. The team created a difficult Q&A document and advised as to what should (and should not) be said. This made a big difference, as Cubitt helped direct the travel of conversation. Cubitt also planned and hosted an important breakfast event for the Premier of Bermuda, inviting key British politicians including Dame Margaret Hodge and Kwasi Kwarteng, to further dialogue between the Bermudian Government and leading British politicians on tax issues. Cubitt undertook real time social media and blog tracking, reporting multiple times a day to the Government, thus keeping record of public sentiment whilst showcasing data analytical capabilities. It maintained its regular 'daily media scan' for the Government, creating an in-depth, daily report of UK coverage on Bermuda and/or related issues. Regular meetings and calls were held with the client over the relevant weeks, as Cubitt took the lead on advising how Bermuda should best tackle the crisis at all stages. Cubitt successfully realigned Bermuda's online footprint; 90% on the publications contacted agreed to remove mention of Bermuda where inappropriately used, including and . Furthermore, Cubitt ensured that leading publications now understood Bermuda's 'robust, regulatory regime' to allow for more positive writing in future, particularly with , who initially broke the story regarding the Appleby hack. Thanks to the highly comprehensive broadcast and radio programme, there is now an acknowledged and improved public understanding of Bermuda's position on tax transparency, as revealed by an internal study. It is now widely accepted that the 'Paradise Papers' issue in Bermuda has disappeared.