MultiChoice Kenya: MultiChoice Talent Factory

Multichoice Kenya, an entertainment company, launched a series of events and press releases to increase awareness of its Multichoice Talent Factory (MTF), which aims to increase production of local film content in Africa and improve employment rates.

Description of Assignment

The MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF), a Corporate Shared Value initiative, was launched by MultiChoice Kenya (MCK) in October 2018, with an aim to upskill the production of local content in the African film industry. The MTF's purpose is to develop t The Eastern Africa hub has been set up at the Local Production Studios in Nairobi with 20 candidates - 11 from Kenya, 4 from Tanzania, 4 from Uganda and 1 from Ethiopia. The MTF's objective was to leverage MultiChoice's core business of accelerating the development of talent in the industry, increasing the capacity to produce local content and winning the hearts and minds of key stakeholders to grow their emotional appeal.