In April 2018 Lidl Romania reached 2,000,000+ fans on the local Facebook page, a great opportunity, not only to celebrate in a very creative way, but also to take a deeper look at our community and identify those fans who have always been there for us, for better and for worse.

Unlike many other brands, we, at Lidl Romania, also took a look at those fans who have intensely expressed their disapproval on almost all of our actions, those who never missed a chance to make their voice heard and, let's be honest, those who gave our Social Media Team a hard time, but also helped us improve –our products and services. We decided to acknowledge publicly the grumpiest fan, admitting not only that we have haters, but also that a critical attitude has a very important role in a business success.

That's why, a month after we reached the very important milestone of 2.000.000 fans on our Facebook Fan Page, we decided to reward a few special fans, offering them customized prizes – only fitting for a brand whose motto is Meriti sa fii surprins/ you deserve to be surprised. One of these fans was the "Biggest Hater Fan".