#GroomTheirFuture with Gillette Barber Suraksha (Safety) Programme

Gillette, a shaving brand, supported struggling barbers in India during the COVID-19 pandemic with its Gillette Barber Suraksha (Safety) Programme.

Situation Analysis:

The barber community in India, which relies heavily on daily wages, was severely affected with the announcement of a strict nationwide lockdown in March 2020. With all salons and barbershops shut for at least two months, the community of around 1.5 m in June 2020. The campaign used an evocative video with cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, extensive influencer engagement to mobilize support for this community and video storytelling to make barbers aware of the initiative and to get them to sign up for it. The campaign reached out to over 45 million people and more than 50,000 barbers with an engagement of over 29 million across social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) that allowed the brand to grow by 9 million dollars over the next three years.