Britannia: Marie gold my startup 2.0 – home-makers turn job-creators

Britannia Marie Gold, a biscuit brand, increased brand awareness and growth during the COVID-19 lockdown in India by providing entrepreneurs with virtual training from home.

Situation Analysis

For over 60 years, Britannia Marie Gold has been the tea-time companion of India's homemakers, the 'fuel that allows her to achieve more'. During a pan-India survey in 2018, the brand found that nearly half of India's homemakers wanted a degree of fi in early March. On March 25th, India went into strict lockdown and the fate of the homemakers who wanted to become entrepreneurs hung in balance. Britannia enabled 50 finalists from all across the country to present their business plans virtually, and trained them to deliver video bytes to present their case, an evocative and compelling video. The campaign, Marie Gold My Startup 2.0, showcased the stories of home-makers turning into entrepreneurs, in a year when the job market was tentative at best. The campaign resulted in 450+ stories, and made Britannia Marie Gold one of the highest-selling brands during the lockdown, growing 1.5 times faster than Britannia's overall growth from May to June 2020.