California Milk Board: Film - 'Airplane' (US)

Contains the film creative 'Airplane' for California Milk Board by the agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners in the US.


Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, San FranciscoCreative Director: Jeff Goodby/ Rich SilversteinCopywriter: Chuck McbrideArt Director: Todd GrantAgency Producer: Bob WendtProduction Company: Smillie Films, Venice, CADirector: Kinka UsherProducer: Dennis Hoey A pilot is given a giant chocolate-chip cookie by the stewardess. He's enjoying it but feels it cries out for milk. He spots a jug of milk on a trolley several yards behind him in the aisle of the cabin. He sends the plane into a nose-dive so that the trolley rolls his way - it's almost there when a passenger opens the toilet door and stops the trolley in its tracks. "Got milk?"