IKANO Corporation: IPC Raises Hope

IPC Shopping Centre, a shopping mall, increased footfall by targeting its philanthropic consumers in Malaysia with Facebook ads.

Agency: PHD Media, Malaysia

The Summary Statement

After some 6 months of downtime for IPC mall due to redevelopment work; IPC was faced with the challenge to re-open its mall that was not entirely completed yet without an official brand launch and new brand campaign during month of December –

simple yet cut-through creatives which literally showcased 'dimming down of Christmas décor' with a messaging of "This Christmas, IPC is dimming down our Christmas décor to do so much more for our children. Come join us". Various ad formats were developed across multiple channels that hone in on the single message. Most chatter and sharing happens on Facebook, which is also the highest reach channel with strong data sets for real-time targeting capability based on location; audience personas and behavior. We launched our campaign on Facebook with various advertising formats such as carousel ads, link ads and gif ads leading people to IPC's brand website to get more details on the campaign and how-to on donations. The campaign honed in on targeting audiences living within the 8km radius of IPC mall as primary set of audience; followed by targeting audiences who has demonstrated philanthropy interests or are interested in supporting children. The creatives were targeted specifically to these audience segments to provoke interest. Further to Facebook, mobile targeting geo-fencing any person who has been within the vicinity of IPC were pushed with mobile ads reminding them of IPC's cause and to visit IPC over the weekend. We knew just push advertising would not work; we needed to convince Malaysians that IPC was serious about the campaign mission. We kickoff the campaign with a PR launch and IPC making a bold statement of committing to raise RM 100,000 and the reason behind its cause of dimming down its décor. Subsequently, the campaign quickly followed through with influencer engagement across levels from micro-influencers to mummy bloggers and even radio DJs – Steve and Shaz from Lite FM jumped in on the cause to rally Malaysians to come together to donate. Partnerships with media further supported coverage of the campaign which propelled brand credibility and awareness of the IPC and the campaign. More importantly, media owners jumped in on the cause by providing free media inventories such as OOH digital screen for IPC to create brand awareness!