Narayana Health : The Door Blouse

Narayana Health, a chain of hospitals, helped teach women in India about breast self-examination via bathroom stickers that have led to a 15.6% increase in the rate of breast cancer detection.


Opening the door for breast self-examination for women living in rural India

Even though there have been efforts to improve breast cancer awareness in India, they have largely ignored a sizeable section of society: women living in rural India. Seeing the lack of doctors in these areas and the lack of understanding amongst the

Instead of turning up the decibel on breast cancer, we decided to make it a private, discreet conversation. Instead of trying to battle and overcome the deep-rooted social taboo, we had to find an innovative way to side step it entirely. And focus on the real task - teaching rural women how to examine their breasts for cancer. We turned the innocuous door knob into a demonstration device for breast self examination. The indian blouse, which cuts across the diversity of rural india. We designed a simple sticker in the form of a classic Indian blouse to be fit around the door knob. and installed them on the doors of ladies washrooms in 1200+ doctor clinics across the country Today, the door blouse is discreetly demonstrating breast self-examination to 300,000 women living in rural india every month at practically zero media cost. This has already led to a 15.6% increase in the rate of detection of breast cancer at participating clinics. Roughly translating to ∼5000 women whose lives have been potentially saved.