Campaign details

Brand: Brown-Forman
Agency: MMR Research
Country: UK


How it began

Brown-Forman had always advertised one of their key products, Drink X, in a certain way – being served with ice. They wondered whether showing it being served differently, either with a mixer or in a cocktail, would make a difference to sales.

Consumers were at the heart of this question. We needed real, individual data – and a strong, detailed method of consumer research. This started with our solid understanding of people. Surveys are very useful tools, but they don't often reveal the whole picture. Shoppers don't always recall details accurately, and their actual behaviour in-store can differ from the behaviour they remember.

So, it was time to innovate. Using data gathered from their Tesco Clubcards, we were able to join up consumers' claimed behaviour with their actual behaviour. This would give us an interesting, unique view of their wants – as well as their decisions. Survey answers would provide us with detailed opinions, and Clubcard data would provide us with actual actions. Together, these accurate findings could be used to inform new strategies. The kind that really speak to people.