Campaign details

Brand: Tan Hiep Phat
Lead agency: Inspirato Media
Region: APAC


Tan Hiep Phat Group (THP) are Vietnam's leading non-carbonated beverage company. THP is a well-known local success story. From humble beginnings in 1994, Dr Tran acquired an old production line from Saigon Beer which he refurbished himself. Today THP boasts 4,000 Vietnamese employees across four production facilities. Their brands lead in several beverage categories and the company now exports to 16 different markets including China and Australia. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, consumer awareness and favorability is increasingly important to THP. Their traditional TV based ad campaign models are no longer effective in reaching the younger generation who increasingly consume content across social and online platforms on personal devices. THP needed a way to gain huge scale brand exposure whilst fitting the increasing mobility and flexibility of today's media consumption.