Campaign details

Brand: Suntory PepsiCo / Mirinda
Lead Agency: Redder Vietnam / Mindshare Vietnam
Region: Vietnam



Lunar new year (Tết) is the biggest and most competitive consuming occasion for CSD category in Vietnam.

Despite budget constraints, Mirinda wanted to gain market share, increase sales and enhance brand equity “Bold Fun Enabler” associated with laughter among teens.

Target Audience

Vietnamese teens from 13 to 17, nationwide, who are highly engaged with mobile chat apps to communicate and connect with their family and friends, especially in Tết.

They love and highly respond to Tết activities but tired of routine, stereotyped and boring ways and want something new, innovative and meaningful to enjoy with family and friends.

The culture tension:

As one of the most iconic Tết rituals, lucky money originally represented for wishes of luck. However, in recent years it has become too materialistic, losing its beautiful meaning and becoming more of a burden than a meaningful deed.