Campaign details

Brand: Unilever
Agency: Mindshare
Region: EMEA


With the power of antioxidants and pure water, Lipton Green Tea is the perfect remedy for big city fatigue. Lipton wanted to create a mobile campaign that focuses on the relaxing power of their new green tea product.

Target audience

The target audience was city people who never have enough time to relax and rest. Mobile was the perfect medium for reaching the target audience during the day.

Creative strategy

Sometimes the whole day feels like rush hour. Lipton wanted users to get away from the daily grind and relax with its cleansing green tea, via their mobile rich media campaign.

Users have been invited to get away from their on-the-go lifestyle for 2 easy minutes, by banners shown on different mobile channels.


The campain reached users through mobile on one of the most popular mobile apps in Turkey. Users who clicked the "Relax" banner featuring Lipton Green Tea were asked to drop their phones and take two minutes for themselves.

Mobile execution