Campaign details

Brand: Lipton
Agency: InMobi, Unilever
Region: EMEA


According to a special report by The National the obesity rate in UAE is double the world average, with close to 50% of residents being overweight. But how are people ending up obese in the UAE? Some experts say this is down to a poor lifestyle, long working hours and lack of exercise due to high temperatures during the hotter months and the readily available fast food choices.

But are these good enough reasons? Lipton decided that it was not. Someone had to take action, and Lipton decided to be that someone. Lipton wanted to create awareness about Lipton Green Tea's association with healthy living and promote the need for its target audience, who included gym and fitness enthusiasts and health conscious users to adopt a clean & healthy lifestyle. Consuming Lipton Green Tea would the first big step in that direction.