Campaign details

Brand: Kingfisher
Lead Agency: Mindshare India
Region: APAC



In the era of instant gratification – from instant food, instant messaging, instant cabs and even instant hookups – how could the pioneers of beer be left behind.

Known as the "King of Good Times", this one is all about how we became the 'King of Prank times'.

The brand's objective was to prank on their most-engaged audience + reach the alcohol-dark markets on instant-gratification platforms - reach, organic coverage and share-ability were the primary objectives.

Target Audience

Adults (men & women) over the legal drinking age (25+) in top-metros + tier-2 cities of India with:

  • Heavy consumption of mobile videos
  • Primary content consumption genres are "news" & "humor"
  • Spend over 40% of their time on instant messenger apps
Creative Strategy