Campaign details

Brand: Kingfisher Radler
Lead Agency: Mindshare India
Region: APAC



Think beer, think Kingfisher! The King of Good Times needs no introduction, being one of the biggest beer brands in the country.

For a country that loves its pint of beer, recent trends showed a huge spike in non-alcoholic beverage consumption fueled by rising health awareness. Consumers were now looking for refreshing thirst quenchers that had more natural ingredients. Riding on this, Kingfisher wanted to now bring the spirit of good times to this new set of thirsty folks. Afterall, why should only beer lovers have all the fun?

Introducing Kingfisher Radler! Made with all-natural ingredients and 0% alcohol - the perfect drink for the health-conscious consumer!

However, for a brand so synonymous with beer, the biggest challenge lay in shedding its image as being just a beer brand. So how did we break on through to the other side?

Target Audience