Campaign details

Brand: Heineken Vietnam Brewery Limited (HVBL)
Lead agency: Red Star
Region: APAC



Heineken's objective is simple: each and every exposure should elicit one of the following reactions:

  1. Buy Heineken for yourself, or as a gift for your friends
  2. Bring a smile to that person's face and remind him to enjoy the moment
  3. Gain back brand love

It's easier said than done. The brand had to do a shift in its approach in 2019, making sure that the messages that were put out would not only reach, but also resonate to the target audiences during a period when almost every brand from every category is trying to get precious attention from consumers.

To accomplish this, Heineken had to look at different, yet inter-connected objective tiers to make sure that the campaign achieves its ultimate goal of improving its business. Here were the specific objectives of the campaign:

  • Media: Maximum reach among TA and meet all global brand relevancy KPIs
  • Marketing: Increase relatability (specifically – "brand that shares my interest" by 5pp), brand coolness, and preference
  • Business: Volume growth of +2% vs LY. More immediate during that period was to increase market share by +3% in January vs. December