Campaign details

Brand: Budweiser
Lead agency: PHD Media
Region: APAC



Tet - the Vietnam's version of Lunar New year is the biggest festival to any Vietnamese. One can almost feel celebration is in the air several months before the event, and competition for the consumers' pocket is - without saying - most fierce during this period; with beer brands expected to be the most active players when this fifth-by-global-ranking beer market of consumption per capita always sees a spike during Tet.

After years of efforts approaching the Vietnam market, Budweiser has established its popularity as a beer that appeals to the growing segment of young adults, especially the highlife-seeking and trendy audiences. However, Tet is more on a note of tradition and family re-union for most Vietnamese.

Adding to that, the consumption of Budweiser is highly relevant to the nightlife, on-trade moments, whereas during Tet, the leading growth driver of the beer category is often the need for gifting and at-home celebration purchase.