Measuring opinion in a ‘war zone’ - what Iraqi’s really think

This paper details the difficulties of conducting market research in a war torn country such as Iraq.

Measuring opinion in a 'war zone' – what Iraqi's really think

Johnny HealdORB, United Kingdom

Munqith DaghirIIACSS, Iraq


Iraq, a country located between two rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates, has frequently seen conflict and bloodshed. However, many may not be aware of its contribution towards the history of civilisation – it is widely accepted that writing fi

To conclude, Iraq undoubtedly is currently at a crossroads. From the initial high from the removal of Saddam Hussein they have descended into a state of chaos. Ordinary Iraqi citizens did have hope in the beginning but more than two years later things appear to have got worse. They lived through the immediate aftermath of the war when there was a vacuum with no police, no army and complete lawlessness. People became desperate just to see a policeman. More than two years later they have finally got their own Government and multinational forces are becoming less visible. Security, as it was in the beginning, is still the number one issue that needs to be resolved. Poll after poll confirms this and in truth many are underestimating Sunni disappointment in politics and security because interviewing in places such as Ramadi and the Anbar province has become impossible. The vast majority do not want to see the multinational forces but they also know that democracy is extremely fragile at the moment and without them all hell could let loose.