Measuring brand advertising in the third millennium

This is the first of three articles by Spike Cramphorn on effective advertising research. He highlights the importance of the brand-person-relationship (PBR) and describes how pre- and post tests should provide detailed pictures of the effect of advertising on PBR He considers that there are seven considerations when testing advertising:- (1) good creative is essential; (2) most advertising effect is immediate; (3) attention is influenced by pre-existing product involvement; (4) most advertising learning is implicit; (5) brand knowledge is stored all over the brain; (6) emotions dominate reason in decisions; (7) people recall faces better than names (it is better to rely on recognition than recall).

Measuring Brand Advertising in the Third Millennium

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In the last decade there have been numerous new insights into how human beings acquire their knowledge of the world around them. These insights change our understanding...