Legal and General: The power of us – driving positive change for care seekers through insight

Legal and General (L&G), a financial services company, launched a research study using a series of qualitative methods to identify the needs of care seekers.


As part of its commitment to inclusive capitalism (making money whilst 'doing good') Legal & General Retirement Living Solutions (L&G) was created to enable people to 'lead longer healthier, independent lives through retirement'

The challenges around care funding have been well researched, but less is known about the experiences of those seeking care. L&G needed to:

Engaging research participants and establishing a level of trust is always important but navigating a sensitive subject like this was tricky. We used viewed groups to explore the emotions driving behaviours and attitudes towards brands in this space. These allowed L&G to witness first-hand people's reactions. To maximise this, a second moderator sat with observers to contextualise and interpret the feedback. In the groups we used to define LTC, revealing and the spontaneous language used around the concept. This helped us diagnose and determine the key components driving brand credibility in this space. We devised a mix of individual, paired depths and family triads to capture the dynamic between multiple decision makers. We interviewed care recipients, their partners and adult children who often carried huge responsibility for their parents' care needs. We also interviewed care professionals to get an 'expert' perspective on the journey. We worked closely with individual recruiters to ensure we adhered to MRS standards for research with vulnerable people. More information .