The story of how one of Microsoft's smallest products became its biggest hero in demonstrating its brand mission.

And how this product helped change the conversation of inclusion forever. For everyone.

When people think Microsoft, they think about Word97 and Bill Gates.

Not the things Microsoft is doing today to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more.

We wanted to use one of Microsoft's products to tell the story of its brand mission and demonstrate how the brand is bringing meaningful innovations to market. We thought it would be one of Microsoft's bigger products… until we discovered the XBOX Adaptive Controller.

This product, which made gaming more accessible to 33 million often left out disabled gamers, perfectly brought to life Microsoft's mission. And, it could spark conversation about the importance of inclusion, in and beyond gaming.

We took to the biggest stage, the Super Bowl, to elevate the conversation of inclusivity and show the world: when everyone can play, we all win.