Why it matters

Twitch is a hugely popular and growing streaming service favoured by an important constituency of gaming fans, but its unpredictability and alien nature to older generations requires greater understanding before marketers get involved.


  • E-sports fans are more open to brands, according to Kantar, than previously reported as many see them lending legitimacy to their interest.
  • Born in an age of interactivity, people who watch gaming and e-sports are more accustomed to interaction.
  • Community is an important quality to understand about e-sports, and are part of the platforms’ as well as the discipline’s pull.

Few of those making decisions about marketing spend or strategies are involved in gaming, but it’s an area they have to address. Amazon-owned streaming service Twitch is the 35th most viewed site on the internet, it’s seeing vast growth in users and viewing time, and it’s increasingly the preferred channel for an e-sports space that is fast becoming too powerful to ignore.