In this paper, we share our experience of using a cultural lens to analyse two countries' digital discourse across consumer forums, news and social media. Analysing myriad conversations on topics ranging from politics to sports, entertainment, relationships and parenting reveals the rich cultural tapestry of Singapore and the UK. It puts a spotlight on the synergistic possibilities of fusing the width of digital data, with the depth of qualitative thinking.


The essence of online data, whether it is social media or consumer forum conversation, is that it is a spontaneous conversation, which in itself provides insights into what is important to people, without asking questions. However, peeling off layers of this data in the pursuit of understanding the emotion and meaning behind the words is not an easy task. A data analyst looks for linguistic patterns and sentiments to elucidate insights. Language and culture are intrinsically linked in such a consonant relationship that it makes us believe that decoding words will reveal the cultural truth about people. While it does provide glimpses into it, our insights could be deeper if the online data is interpreted in light of consumers' cultural context purposefully.