Overcoming Barriers to Purchase in Online Shopping Environments: Applying Western mobile ready hero image standards to Asian E-commerce markets and going beyond

E-commerce has grown exponentially over the last decade but selling online is different from selling offline and tactics need to be adjusted to be successful – so a study looked at how improved product text and visuals can overcome two major challenges of selling online.


Over the past decade, E-commerce has grown exponentially with two massive markets, the US and China, ahead of the curve. Within each market, major FMCG companies have tried to optimize their product offer for the leading players, Amazon and Alibaba. as infinitely many options online make it harder for people to find their desired product. Additionally, the or better, lack thereof, will be examined. When shopping online it is not possible to touch, smell or taste the product, which makes it harder for consumers to imagine what the product experience will be like compared to shopping in a conventional store.