Many companies employ real-time sales tracking systems like Salesforce and Zoho. Further, larger companies frequently employ strategic consultants like Deloitte and McKinsey to develop online balanced scorecard approaches that often integrate at least some amount of market research data and leverage off-the-shelf packages like Tableau and Dundas BI. In this era of cloud-based, real-time data analysis and visualisation, market research is often relegated to providing the inputs to strategy consultants or providing seldom-used and difficult-to-customise platform solutions, from data collection software companies like Confirmit and Decipher.

Dig Insights believes that there is an opportunity for market researchers (from both the client and agency sides) to lead the development and implementation of custom technology solutions and data integration projects. By leading projects like the one presented here, client-side market researchers become key influencers; they establish themselves as strategic partners who can integrate data sources from across the organisation.