Campaign details

Brand: Ralph Lauren
Lead agency: CODE

Campaign Overview

Ralph Lauren, the epitome of the American dream, famously said, "I don't design clothes, I design dreams."

In his style, Code set out to design a personalised recommendations engine for over nine million consumers.


Inspired by Ralph Lauren's "I design dreams" vision, CODE imagined a program where specially tailored offers are a delight - not yet-another discount.

Curated personal suggestions reflect individuals' own lifestyle dreams; programs are driven by personal triggers, not just brand calendars.

Three crucial pillars set the dream in motion:

  • Business transformation with style: A boot-camp overhaul of working practices and methods to get the most out of the tech stack and gain richer customer understanding.
  • Couture-quality data stitching: Inspiring customers, when most only shop once or twice a year, is made harder when interactions sit in silo. For a 360-degree view, Code fused customer signals from stores, website, social, email, SMS and mobile wallets for 9.1 million customers across Europe
  • Communication engine of dreams: Data scientists uncovered the exact moment when each customer's purchase or engagement scores were dropping, to drive brand engagement and a sale. Models were built to understand current and predicted value; identify required discounts; and glean each customer's fashion dream