Design consultancy: 2LK Design & Moving Brands
Advertiser: Intel Corporation

Executive Summary

Atruly unique visitor experience was needed to showcase Intel's pre-eminent role in the burgeoning 5G data economy at Mobile World Congress 2018. The result was an immersive, 900sqm stand experience anchored by The Wondercube, an enormous, showstopping digital centrepiece.

An endless flow of ever-changing content kept visitors mesmerised throughout the event, encouraging attention, retention and return - a dynamic expression of the power, scale and promise of 5G connectivity, powered by Intel.

The stand experience surpassed all objectives, despite a significantly smaller footprint (and investment) than key competitors, and under the contexts of fighting for a share of voice amongst 2,700 other exhibitors as well as less total visitors to the event versus 2017.

  • Two-thirds of attendees visited Intel
  • Number 3 most visited and most recalled exhibit
  • YoY surge in VIP tours – outdid target by almost 25%

Case Study Overview