Influencer opinions and recommendations via word-of-mouth or through social networks play a significant role in spreading ideas and delivering marketing messages to consumers. While much influence takes place online it's important to note that influence happens offline too in places such as the playground, workplace and bars. Marketers are still trying to find the correct strategy for utilising influencers as a marketing tactic. There are different types of influencers such as 'mega-influencers' who have accrued an audience of millions and micro-influencers who have smaller audiences, often with niche interests.


An influencer is an individual who has above-average reach or impact through word-of-mouth or social marketing. Influencers are often highly knowledgeable about a specific subject such as food, fashion, beauty or technology. Many marketers look to influencers such as celebrities, bloggers or vloggers with huge followings to do brand promotion.

Key Insights

1. Influencers can be more effective than TV ads