Mercedes-Benz: Meet Kamal - The world's best auto salesman

Mercedes-Benz, a global automobile marque, launched a campaign in the UAE to increase awareness among the Generation Y consumer.

Campaign details

Brand: Mercedes-Benz Agency: Socialize Country: United Arab Emirates

Marketing context

Electrification, autonomous driving and on-demand mobility concepts like Uber and Careem are changing our industry with a momentum we have never experienced before. New competitors are entering our market and changing the rules of the game. Marketing

We knew we needed to be on Facebook Messenger – it was where our audience was and where we had to be before our competitors. It was crucial for the conversational experience to come to life in a way that added value by assisting and helping our audience; a chat app that wouldn't feel like a commercial activation, but an opportunity to have a 1:1, richer, more interactive conversation with the brand, all on their mobile. With this in mind, we created Kamal, the world's first automotive chat bot. Through his virtual showroom, Kamal invited customers to visit, interact, and experience the forefront of auto innovation, taking the Mercedes-Benz lifestyle for a spin. By offering responses in the first person, he created an intuitive and reassuring sense that the user was having a conversation directly with one of our expert salesmen. Utilising an intelligent workflow, defined by thorough research and categorisation of the daily questions we were used to receiving as a brand, Kamal provided an interactive bilingual medium for consumers to engage within the conversational platform. Activated through one simple click from the brand website or through Message ads on Facebook, our virtual salesman was ready at their fingertips, hoping to help. Kamal was on hand to: Furthermore, when sensitive situations would arise, he was able to seamlessly hand-off the conversation to a human agent at the agency, ensuring the users experience was never compromised. Following a successful launch of the chatbot, we then introduced gamification to further engage with our younger audience. The new bot flow brought a James Bond style adventure to life, using rich media formats such as sound bites, dynamic content and Gifs to provide a more immersive (and entertaining) conversation experience. Those who had come from our Message ads on Facebook, also had the secret code to start the game at any point in the conversation, without using the menu. Typing 'Ready For Ignition' immediately interrupted an existing conversation and prompted the game flow to start. The way our consumers interacted with Kamal allowed us to learn even more about our audience. We started a single-thread history of communication, allowing him to become smarter with each interaction. By offering a much more streamlined approach to Community Management, our chat based app introduced an increased level of accessibility, engagement and personalization for our regional audience – impacting both brand and business metrics: The results surpassed expectations. What started off as a journey into the unknown, with a Global automotive first, has ended up creating a new style of consumer interaction and conversational-commerce, and a key communication touch-point for the brand.