Smart approaches to occasion marketing

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At a glance

More brands are looking to get involved with Pride though partnerships or seasonal products, but brands need to get it right.

Why it matters

Without understanding the history and importance of Pride, brands tend to look at Pride as an opportunity for mass engagement. But many businesses are adopting rainbows without doing their homework, and end up co-opting or belittling the LGBT+ movement for their own purposes.


  • Official brand partnerships with Pride events are the best way to get a true and authentic understanding of the LGBT+ community, and can offer financial assistance to get events off the ground.
  • Walk the talk: Brands should ensure that LGBT inequality isn’t baked into its product supply chain, and that LGBT+ employees feel comfortable with the brand participating.
  • Look beyond Pride means to look at the real issues affecting LGBT+ people year-round (e.g: exclusion, homelessness) and try to make an positive impact.

It started with a shot glass…